Fees and how to contact me

Homeopathy ONline and via email

For more details please call me on 07833 591 060 or fill in the enquiry form. We can then have a chat and see if I can help you.

Skype address: Anna.anderson41

Email: aahomeopath@gmail.com

Please note consultation fees are paid in full via Paypal Invoice or Bacs Transfer prior to consultation. 

Online Clinic Consultations:


£115 for initial consultation (allow approx. an hour and a half) which will involve a thorough discussion of all symptoms and a case history. 

All further appointments are £75* (usually around 6-8 weeks apart depending on your needs)


Translated Email Consultation for those who do not speak English.

With todays technology advances in translation services, I can now offer Homeopathic Detox Therapy via Google Forms and translation. Meaning this can be available to a wider number of children.

If you require this service please let me know and I can send across the relevant forms.

During treatment you may need to contact me in between sessions via email or message. This is all included in your above treatment fees and i will reply to you as soon as possible. In cases regarding children i will usually also respond out of hours.

All remedies can be purchased from homeopathic pharmacies.

I can place the prescription for you at Helios Pharmacy to be posted to you.


Other information

Online Acute Illness Clinic £15 Adults and Children (remedies not included) 

Family rates are available which are payable monthly


Hair Mineral Analysis Test £120

Providing a comprehensive analysis of the following:

  • Ratio of minerals present in the body. Flagging up deficiencies and/or imbalances.

  • Detecting the presence of heavy metals such as mercury, lead and aluminium.

  • Showing which systems in your body may be under/over functioning.

  • Useful for menopausal women, children with ASD and anyone with unexplained chronic illness.

  • All results will be sent to you/discussed with you.

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